Consignment 101

clothes4Why consign?

Have a closet full of clothes, but nothing to wear scenario? So be ruthless! Weed out what hasn’t been worn in a year or what doesn’t fit. Have guilt over an impulse buy that in the cold light of day doesn’t seem quite so hot after all? We can help!

What’s in it for you?

You’ll receive 40% of the selling price of each item that is sold. Its money you can put towards building a new wardrobe! We will take care of the items for you but it’s up to you to check your account periodically to see whether any of your items have been purchased!

How to consign.

Simply make an appointment with Clothes Encounters (613-741-7887) to bring in your clothes. We take only high-end fashions and designer brands less than two years old and in perfect condition. Click here to read more information on how to consign (or download our “How to Consign” brochure). Here is the current list of brands we are accepting .


Items are consigned for a 90-day period. After 30 days, items are reduced by 25%. At the end of the period unsold items are sent to charity. Sometimes we have sales or special events where we mark the items down again. For full details, please read our consignor contract.

No broken zippers please!

It just makes sense that clean, well- pressed clothes with no missing buttons, or broken zippers, have greater hanger appeal. So ensure that all items are in good condition and dry cleaned, or laundered, prior to sale. Avoid cutting off labels! Aside from the obvious, people like to know fabric content and care instructions.

Information for consignees:

How to Consign – Read Online or Download as PDF
List of Brands – Read Online or Download as PDF
Consignor Contract – Read Online or Download as PDF
Consignment is fun and rewarding! – Download the Consignor Contract in plain English!